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Quinn Fabray (girlfriend; mother of his child)Santana Lopez (ex-girlfriend)Brittany Pierce (sexual; ended)April Rhodes (sexual; ended)Rachel Berry (ex-girlfriend)Mercedes Jones (ex-girlfriend)Lauren Zizes (ex-girlfriend)Shelby Corcoran (former crush; sexual; ended)Kitty Wilde (ex-girlfriend) Quinn Fabray Rachel Berry Finn Hudson (best Friend) Mike Chang Mercedes Jones Tina Cohen-Chang Kurt Hummel Artie Abrams Santana Lopez Brittany Pierce Jake Puckerman Holly Holliday Shelby Corcoran Sam Evans Rory Flanagan Giardi Triplets Matt Rutherford Sugar Motta Joe Hart Blaine Anderson Lauren Zizes Ryder Lynn Becky Jackson Marley Rose Will Schuester Sheldon Beiste David Karofsky Noah "Puck" Puckerman is a major character on Glee.

Puck is an alumnus of William Mc Kinley High School as of Goodbye.

He is now a former member of both the Glee Club and the Football Team. As a self-proclaimed "badass," Puck is well known around the school for constantly tossing students into dumpsters and also for initially being a primary culprit for throwing slushies in everyones faces.

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As Season One progresses, Puck begins to enjoy glee club and find his passion for singing.

Quinn eventually gives birth to their biological daughter in Journey.

They named her Beth, and she is adopted by Shelby Corcoran, the coach of Vocal Adrenaline. In Season Three, it's revealed that Puck and Lauren broke up, as Puck says, "She was the one that got away, really slowly." In I Am Unicorn, he sees his one-year-old daughter, Beth for the first time since she was adopted.

In Season Four, Puck returns to help out and mentor his half-brother, Jake Puckerman.

Their relationship continues to grow and flourish, especially when Jake needs help with Marley.

Puck dates Kitty Wilde after Sadie Hawkins, but they break up offscreen before Sweet Dreams.

In Season Five, at the end of The Quarterback, Puck decides to enlist in the Air Force in order of honor his late friend, Finn.

In 100, Puck officially begins a relationship with Quinn.

In Season Six, he returns a few times to Lima, specifically helping Rachel and Kurt find new members for the glee club and Santana's and Brittany's (and then, Kurt's and Blaine's) wedding.

In Dreams Come True, he comes back to Mc Kinley in 2020 to a re-dedication of the auditorium to his late best friend Finn, also reuniting with everyone, living happily the way he planned.

He was a main character from the beginning until he was demoted to recurring starting from Season Five.

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