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Carvings use knives, axes, and a variety of other tools to create art with various hard materials such as jade, ivory, stone, and timber.Based on the material, carving craftwork may be divided into several categories such as jade carvings, stone carvings, wood carvings, and bamboo carvings.

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Qingtian dating

It is an art with deep ethnic characteristics, and the resulting pieces are a dazzling treasure in the world of sculpture.

Implicit in the carvings are the wisdom of the Chinese culture, its religious notions, and its esthetic style. Since the New Stone Age period, women have use jade for decorations.

Throughout its long history, jade carvings have been turned into graceful, figured artwork.

The skills used in creating jade carvings are different in the north versus in the south.

The carvings in the south are centered in Suzhou and Yangzhou, while in the north they are centered in Beijing.

Until the Qing Dynasty, north and south carvings were blended in Beijing, merging together the best aspects of both and creating a unique set of Beijing jade carving skills.

Works such as “Jade Mountain,” “Good Fortune Sea,” and “The Da Yu Controlled Floods Jade Mountain” in the Imperial Palace were handed down from one generation to another in the Qing era.

The famous cultural historical city of Yangzhou has an important place in jade carving history.

Tangzhou jade articles may be separated into 6 categories including vases, characters, flowers and birds, beasts and animals, archaic pieces, and mountains, and it boasts a great number of styles in various series.

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