Problems with dating a single father Hot free freaky chat

If you're asking this question in the first place, you care about being a good dad, you love your children, and are concerned about how your choices affect them. It begins with the fact that you already feel guilty. By now, no matter how you got here, you've identified reasons to place some of the blame on your own plate.

There are many additional problems that I could enumerate, but most of them have solutions:1. You feel guilty because things didn't work out with their mom. Now, you're wanting to do something that feels kind of selfish.

Also, it's a valid and healthy need to have adult affection in your life.

No, it's not total neglect; the kids could spend the evening with their mom, a favored relative, or a good sitter, and have a wonderful time without you.

The one hitch for which I've never found a good answer is: you're spending time in pursuit of your own needs (usually) to the exclusion of your children.

What is the best way to mitigate any jealousy she may feel toward my kids or my ex? Is their mom going to make my life hard if she finds out? That list could stretch on for awhile, but caring people can solve all of those with love, patience, effort and time.

Sure, it's fair and reasonable to not resign yourself to a life of chastity.

And yes, you're probably intending that the Right One, when you find her, will be the perfect step-mom.She'll be patient, loving, nurturing, and the children will accept her completely.It could happen, does sometimes happen, but you probably shouldn't bet large sums of money that you'll get it right the first time. Maybe you'll find a woman that you like, but there are insurmountable problems between her and the kids.Next, you find a woman that the kids adore, but you realize that you find her unexciting.The quest goes on and hopefully ends with The One someday. You're going to invest time, money, and emotional energy into women your children probably didn't choose, probably haven't met, and probably don't even like.This is time and money that you won't be spending with them, and that's where the guilt sucker-punches you. Those kids didn't create a broken home, YOU did that.

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