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The i Phone 5 i OS 10.3.3 update is small upgrade, but even tiny i OS updates can have an enormous impact on a device’s overall performance. Apple’s final i Phone 5 update, i OS 10.3.3, is a bug fix update, but those of you thinking about downloading the firmware should be extremely careful, especially now that the i OS 10.3.2 downgrade path is closed.The i Phone 5 won’t get Apple’s i OS 11 update and that puts an enormous spotlight on the device’s i OS 10.3.3 update.i OS updates for older devices can have a dramatic effect on performance. Once you download i OS 10.3.3 on your phone there’s no going back.

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It will also guide you through the i OS 10.3.3 problems plaguing i Phone 5 users, fixes for i OS 10 problems, everything you need to know about the i OS 10 downgrade, and some information about the i OS 10.3.3 jailbreak.

We upgraded directly from i OS 10.3.2 and the download and installation took us 10 minutes to complete.

If you're coming to i OS 10.3.3 from i OS 10.3.1 or something older, your download/installation is going to take a few minutes longer thanks to the updates you skipped.

We recommend putting aside 15-20 minutes of quiet time so that you can monitor the process.

You shouldn't anticipate any problems, but there's always a chance for a hiccup.

For more on the i OS 10.3.3 download and installation process, take a look at our full walkthrough.

We've been using the i Phone 5 i OS 10.3.3 update for many weeks now and the software still feels pretty stable on our device.

The i Phone 5's battery continues to work miracles.

We haven't noticed any abnormal battery drain during our short stay on i OS 10.3.3.

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