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Until two years ago, each executive had the HR responsibilities for their own department.

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She talks to the staff like they are children and can be incredibly insulting.

While the entire management staff is frustrated by these problems, our CEO doesn’t see it, or refuses to acknowledge it. She saw two employees leaving for lunch and called after them, “Don’t make it a liquid lunch!

” One of those employees was a recovering alcoholic and, assuming she knew that from the FMLA paperwork in his file, was deeply humiliated by the suggestion.

When the employee’s manager went to speak to her about it, she first claimed it never happened (there were multiple witnesses), then said she didn’t remember but would apologize.

Instead, she refused to speak to the employee for over a month and repeatedly made snide comments about him to others.

She has refused to speak to several other employees for affronts such as asking her not to speak baby talk to them, requesting an explanation of why they didn’t qualify for an internal posting, and having the nerve to question why it has taken six months to fill a vacant position.

She posted a job that wasn’t vacant when the employee who held the job expressed disappointment at not qualifying for a promotion.

(She then lied and said it wasn’t for that job when the employee asked, but told the management that “a friend” had secretly called her to let her know that this employee had applied at their company and was plotting to leave without notice.

No one believes either story.)In staff meetings, she is fond of telling people that we need to “act like adults” (our staff skews to the over-40 demographic) but then talking to us like we are children, explaining and repeating her instructions over and again.

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