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When your printer is showing an "offline" status, several different issues might be at play.

You may have checked the option to use it offline, you might have a connection problem, or you may need to install updates or a specific tool to address the offline status problem.

Windows 8 finds and installs most printers automatically, but sometimes requires manual adjustments or installations.

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Once you are connected to it again, disabling the option brings the printer online and sends those jobs.

Under the Printer menu in the Control Panel, right-click on the printer that is offline.

Scroll down the menu to the "See what's printing" option, which brings up a new window showing the printer queue.

Click the "Printer" menu and remove the check mark labeled "Use Printer Offline." If your computer is connected to the printer through a wired connection, ensuring the cables are firmly connected can fix an offline printer status.

Even if your computer is connected wirelessly, if it is shared from another computer, those cables may be loose or disconnected. Check the sharing settings on the computer it is connected to as well: Go to the computer the printer is connected to and open Home Group.

Click "Printers and devices." Check the box next to the printer that is showing an offline status on your computer.

If your computer is not properly recognizing your printer's status, it might be because the drivers are outdated.

Regularly updating your computer enables you to stay on top of the most current drivers for your printers, as well as security updates and bug fixes in the operating system.

Go to your Settings menu and click the option to "Change PC Settings." Click "Update and recovery" and then "Windows Update" to ensure your printer drivers are all up-to-date.

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