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Java is a cross-platform language that's been mightily abused by hackers.With new security bugs being discovered week after week, many experts advise everyone to simply disable Java. Java, once touted as the "write once, run anywhere" language, has been knocked around quite a bit these past few months.In theory, a single Java program could run on any Java-supporting platform.

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The Flashback Trojan breached Macintosh computers via a Java vulnerability last year, for example.

In August, researchers at Fire Eye reported another zero-day vulnerability in Java.

In January, a Java vulnerability affected all versions of Java 7, and Polish security researches discovered two more zero-day bugs in late February.

Unless you absolutely need it, you should disable Java now.

Fortunately, Oracle offers a Web page with straightforward instructions on how to turn off Java.

Disable Java in All Browsers Last month Oracle released a new Java version, Update 10, that includes a one-stop option for disabling Java in all browsers in the Java Control Panel. If you don't see it, switch to Classic View (in XP) or small icons (in Vista or Windows 7). In previous versions this tab just allowed advanced users to manage Java-related certificates.

It now displays a security-level slider and, more important, a single checkbox titled "Enable Java content in the browser." Un-check this box, click OK, and you're done.

Disable Java in One Browser For security's sake you really should be using the very latest Java version.

If you're not, or if you need to enable Java in some browsers but disable it in others, you can do that too. Enter chrome://plugins in the browser's address bar.

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