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Don't join Pogo unless you love daily frustration.The games do not load, on Explorer, Edge, Firefox etc.

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I have Windows 10 and they say my operating system is out of date and no longer runs their games. They now have less that half the members they used to have. I signed up for free trial in days later, i cancelled for (va surgery), two weeks later,(i didn't need surgery) i rel-logged in, to play,they re-charged my credit card!

I have lost total interest in Pogo because it is such a waste of time on something that is broken and never works. when i contacted them and told them of thier error,with cc statement as proof,they disconnected me. Pogo presumes we all have a mentality of a 3 year old.

fact Game crashes, ridiculously bad random number generator. Very difficult to communicate with staff; they respond in a condescending manner and if you are critical they can ban you from forums.

Games are so bad that Pogo tells you that if dice rolls get stuck repeating over and over to stop the turn and restart it (at least when playing Risk). High yearly membership cost for which you get to win worthless tokens and make up little avatars and collect stupid badges. Still uses an outdated NPAPI plugin in Java that was no longer recognized by all the major browsers due to security reasons back in 2015.

Not sure how you screw up classic games so badly, but Pogo has done it. (not real badges-- virtual badges.) To top that off- you can actually gift those badges to your loved one for Christmas or send them to friends Paid member are forced to buy things for cash if they like a game and want to play it. I have called customer support and they told me to try Google Chrome, then Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and then Microsoft Explorer 11.

Won't even run a simple game like Texas Hold Em. .(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω)(´ω) You can't ever get any of the games to load whether you are part of "club pogo (the cheesy term if you PAY to use the site) or whether you are there to play free games. None of them can open the games I try to open on each browser.

The only browser that could open 2/3 that I tried was Explorer 11, and Chrome actually opened 1 game once, but then not again for some reason.

Games are also really boring and slow even when they do load. Just go to or any poker app and its just 500% better.

Also their multiplayer Monopoly game only lets you play 35 turns and then it just calculates the game from where you're at. Just let us click 1 of 4 slots, and simply run an algorithm and just determine the outcome of the entire game. I like the idea but I hate the quality that you've had to lower it to, to combine all these games together.

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