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A lot’s been written about dating Japanese girls; much of it is rubbish, some is unsavoury, but little of it gives polite phrases you can use.

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But one reason why Japanese girls like Western men is because they prefer to be on first name terms. If Nami-chan seems reticent about going on a date, don’t be ‘pushy’ – Japanese girls don’t like pushy men!

If you ask for her first name, she’ll be thrilled as this represents an intimacy she rarely experiences in daily life: “Anata no namae wa nan desu ka? She says her first name’s Nami so, if she doesn’t object, you can call her Nami-san; or she may prefer the more casual Nami-chan. Instead, suggest doing something after work/school: “Kaeri ni [kōhii/shokuji/kaimono] demo dō? Japanese girls like men to beat around the bush, so don’t dive straight into an invitation just yet; find out if Nami’s free or not first: “Kondo no [doyōbi] aiteru? If she replies “Sōda ne” or “Sō desu ne” (Yes), you can safely go ahead and invite her out: “Doko ka asobi ni ikanai? This is a very useful Japanese phrase, and not only for romantic situations.

Now you can find out more about her and see if she’s interested in you, as well as practice your basic Japanese: “(Anata wa) [Furansu ryōri] ga suki desu ka? ” = How about [some coffee/something to eat/going shopping] on the way home? ), but younger Japanese prefer the less formal “demo dō? As Nami-chan’s response was positive, you can now be more specific about the date: “Kondo no [doyōbi] issho ni [yūshoku] demo dō?

NB: You may have learned phrases like “Kaeri ni kōhii o nomimasen ka? ” = Would you like to have dinner together on Saturday?

NB: The phrase “issho ni” (together/with me) is very useful for asking Japanese girls on dates as it excludes any unwanted third parties from the equation!

Don’t ask Nami-chan for suggestions; Japanese girls like to be taken places and shows you are decisive! On a date with a Japanese girl, don’t talk about yourself too much; show interest in Nami-chan and pay her compliments! ” (You look nice) and “Yofuku sugoku niatteru” (Your outfit really suits you) will please her. “Issho ni [Shibuya/Enoshima/Odaiba/Tōkyō Dizuniirando] ni ikitaidesu ka? You might also risk telling her “Egao ga hontōni kawaii yo ne” (You’ve got a really cute smile)! = Would you like to go to [Shibuya/Enoshima/Odaiba/Tokyo Disneyland] with me? A phone number is a very personal thing in Japan and not given out lightly. Be aware of phrases beginning “Gomen ne…” (sorry, but…) as they indicate a refusal. With Japanese girls, it’s best not to ask for it before a first date, and not at the end of a date either. Of course, you can try again, but if the response is still negative, give up! Approach the subject casually, perhaps by comparing/discussing mobile phones and the apps you both like, then ask matter-of-fact: “Denwa bango wa nan desu ka? )By the end of your first date, you should know if there’ll be a repeat. If you tell a girl you like her – “Anata ga suki desu” – and she replies “Watashi mo…” (me too), then this could be the start of something special!

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