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:) The original version I found was a little out of date as it used the old ereg PHP regular expression functions, which caused deprecated errors in PHP 5.3.

At the time I was creating a search feature that used full and partial postcodes so I also changed the function to be able to detect both.

Note that this function only validates the format of a postcode and does not validate that the postcode exists; this would require access to the Royal Mail database.

The system that the data was going to, on the other hand was really, fussy.

Any postcode had to be perfectly formatted, including the space in the middle.

Thankfully, John Gardner took the time to write a little function that is able to validate a UK postcode, and this has been coppied all over the internet.

If Rg Exp.test(str Input) = True Then Is UKPost Code = "Valid" Else '------------------------------ 'Try to make a correct postcode '------------------------------ 'Despace & uppercase str Input = UCase(Replace(str Input, " ", "")) 'Clean out any redundant characters - whilst most of these don't make sense 'I've seen them all in postcodes before!

\d[A-Z])" 'Does the fed in string match the pattern?

Download the two files below and upload them to your web server.

The database is only required for the get Post Town function.

There are more specific and advanced php form validation techniques that we could implement into this script, but that is not the purpose of this article.

Make sure to put all of the files for this tutorial in the same directory on your server.

The first thing we will need to create is the html form with some PHP variables.

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