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She was dancing with friends near the stage when she felt someone put a card in her hand, and a guy behind her told her to text him."I didn't say anything to him and I was initially going to throw the card on the ground because I wasn't interested," she said.

"I ultimately want to quit my '9-5,' make music and pursue creative endeavors all the while being able to support myself," he said. Hit me if you're interested.'" Since Marissa didn't blur out his number on her tweet, he said he has even been getting phone calls."I'm doing my best to answer every call whether they hang up in my face or chat for a minute," he said.

Out of the dozens of cards he has passed out, he said, a handful of women have contacted him."I don't ever really expect anything from it, but you never know," he said. "I'm answering every DM personally with links to my music.

"Sometimes you don't have a lot of time for small talk but you have just enough time to say, 'Hey, I'm Carpé.

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