Peerguardian 2 lists not updating

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to install the Peer Guardian Linux (pgl) on Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy, 13.04 Raring, 12.04 Precise using ppa repository.

peerguardian 2 lists not updating-12

Peerguardian 2 lists not updating

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As pointed out by this answer the PPA from your tutorial doesn't have packages for 17.10 (likely because the last release was 2015-11-17) and while this limits your options, It doesn't rule out alternative methods. 1) Install the debian package via (which may do a better job of resolving dependencies) 2) Compile from source.

Note: Backing up is a great way to make sure that you can test whatever you want without having to resort to re-installation.

Edit: Before attempting to install anything it would be best to confirm your architecture.

Blocklists can also be manually added into ~/Library/Application Support/Transmission.

The internet address may be to a text file or compressed file.

Most standard compression formats are supported, including ZIP."Use a text format for manual list additions.

Choice of blocklists is yours to make.viewtopic.php?

f=1&t=7390&p=36006&hilit=multiple blocklists#p36006Here is the FOOL PROOF WAY TO DO IT! enter " ~/Library/Application Support/Transmission " select the blocklist folder *(notice that there is only one "blocklist.bin" folder?

I used info from the boards here and some forums and i've made a little something for you. copy the URL link you desire from (its the link on the far right column- not the websites link!!! That is the blocklist of the current URL that you pasted into Transmission.

These are the same steps i took and successfully have multiple peer blocker lists. Transmission will always make this file the generic URL updated file) You don't want that unless you plan on just having one blocklist. click and drag the blocklist out of the folder and onto your desktop! Rinse and repeat for the other blocklist URLs you wish to use from the site.

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