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Patti Stanger has earned her "Millionaire Matchmaker" nickname (also the title of her previous show) through the years she has spent setting up wealthy people through her Millionaire's Club dating service, a practice she continues on this show.

In each episode, two wealthy clients check into a luxury property in Southern California, where they unwittingly begin their ``love lesson'' through custom challenges designed by Stanger and her crew.

Stanger then gives her feedback -- which can be brutally honest at times -- in one-on-one sessions with the daters, during which she gives an in-depth review of the surprise date.

Patti Stanger was born November 30, 1965 and is of Jewish descent.

She was the former director of marketing for Great Expectations, the largest and oldest dating service in the U. Her ten-year experience in the fashion industry also includes working for renowned companies Union Bay Sportswear, Jou Jou Jeans and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Patti, an experienced third-generation matchmaker, founded the Beverly Hills-based Millionaire's Club in 2000.

It is an exclusive matchmaking service that pairs successful men with beautiful and intelligent women.

She started the company after noticing that successful men in the dating scene needed a private, exclusive, and relaxed venue where they can meet their future wives. To give her company an edge over other dating services, Stanger provides clients of the Millionaire's Club with the club's own resident psychologist, relationship counselor, dating coach, hypnotherapist and image consultant.

Dedicated in finding exceptionally beautiful women, Patti Stanger recruited women from all over the country by calling for applications in nationwide advertisements, magazine articles, dating scouts and T. Patti also collaborates closely with personal trainers, plastic surgeons, dentists and hairstylists.

She makes sure that they coach each individual through every stage of the dating process.

They give feedbacks and suggestions from the initial meeting up to the marriage proposal.

The club also does not limit the members to only one date per month but encourages them to meet different people first before deciding on who is “the one.”Patti Stanger was featured in several magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle, Penthouse, The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly to name a few. Phil , Love is in the Air and Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus among many others.

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