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The season story arc involves Ziva's largely-unseen boyfriend, Ray, and the CIA continuing to meddle in NCIS's day-to-day workings.

Notable events include the terrorism and internal affairs threat during the "Enemies" two-parter, and the arrival of another Major Case Response Team from Rota, Spain, the team that Tony was offered to be lead of in the beginning of season four.

The season ends on a five-part story arc involving the Port-to-Port killer that menaced both teams. Following Jackson Gibbs' (guest star Ralph Waite) confrontation with Paloma Reynosa (guest star Jacqueline Obradors), he is placed in NCIS protective custody at his son's house.

Paloma Reynosa, head of the cartel, plays a game of cat and mouse with NCIS as she makes a wide trail through the US, expanding her cartel's influence.

Tensions erupt when Alejandro Rivera (guest star Marco Sanchez), calls Abby on her bluff to send the report on the Pedro Hernandez murder and threatens her in front of Gibbs.

Aware of his involvement in the Reynosa Cartel, NCIS leads Rivera into a trap at a safehouse, tricking him into thinking his sister is dead and those responsible are in protective custody.

Rivera takes the bait and intends to exact revenge, but ends up fatally shooting his own sister.

Meanwhile, Leon Vance, whilst putting the report implicating Gibbs in a place no one will find it, receives a mysterious text message from Eli David, Director of Mossad claiming "I found him".

A teenage girl is kidnapped from her middle school on the Quantico marine base, prompting NCIS to investigate.Nicholas Mason, the missing girl's grandfather (William Devane), complicates matters when he arranges a ransom drop without informing NCIS.While the team are working to find out the identity of the kidnapper and motive, Gibbs is worried Mason will take the law into his own hands and potentially cause more damage.Using an elaborate ploy, the team manages to trick the kidnapper into revealing where he was hiding the girl and arrest him.Meanwhile, three interns are assigned to NCIS; Abby is suspicious after her last assistant's (Chip Sterling in Season 3) attempt to kill her, Palmer feels ineffective after Ducky bonds with his intern, and Mc Gee must contend with an intern who shows no interest in law enforcement or field work at all.NCIS responds to an emergency phone call after Heather Dempsey, a Marine bomb technician, shoots and kills an intruder in her home.

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