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If you have a website that maintains a list of events for users, it is a great idea to allow users to selectively add those events to their own calendar.

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The i Calendar spec (see RFC 2445) was created to extend an earlier created v Calendar spec.

This spec basically provides a universally accepted way to represent a calendar item in a file, or really, as text.

An i Calendar can represent some single generic calendar item, or an Event, To-Do, Journal item, and can even include free/busy schedule information.

We are going to focus here on including only a single event in our i Calendar data, although it can also represent multiple items all within the same i Calendar.

When expressed as a file, the i Calendar data will typically have an "ics" extension, but really it is just text.

It also has a MIME type of "text/calendar" For our scenario, we'll assume we have a website with events on it.

For any of these events, we want to allow the user to be able to selectively add an event to their own local calendar. I want to write it once and then forget it ever existed.

On the display of an event on our website, we'll provide a link that the user can click to add the event to their calendar. So, I created a class that does all the ugly text for me to use whenever I need. Let's add it to a handler to send back the i Calendar data in the response.

Here's a sample of a website that I've used this on to give you an idea: The user clicks that link and we get some jazz hands and it is added to the user's calendar. If you're really wanting to see more of this ugly text then you and the rest of your zombie friends can go nicely over to the RFC and read all you want. Why the separation of the Event item from the rest of the i Calendar item? We'll call this handler from the link we provide to the user (Typically we would do something like pass an "event ID" of some kind to it and grab the associated data from a database or something.

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