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You can call it differently yet the meaning doesn’t change.

I met my second wife, Stacy, from internet portals where both of us used to visit.

After three years of my divorce from my first wife I married again.

I was strongly aimed not to repeat my mistakes for this time around.

Stacy was 5 years younger than me with same height, very slim, & she had a very well rounded huge boobs.

It was a tremendous pleasure for me to spend time with her.She was very gorgeous & temerarious & we had a sex everywhere, on the kitchen, in the car, on backyard, during daytime & night time.I like to lick her pussy whenever we were having a sex & she liked this the most. I didn’t tell her my past experience with my ex-wife yet somehow she found out that I like to watch a lesbian sex.Moreover at beginning of our marriage, I realized that not only me likes lesbian sex & she would moreover like to try it herself.It started when we went for pub night with some friend of mine.Then I start to notice that Stacy was feeling comfortable with Fiona.

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