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Texas Drivers Education Courses Virtual Drive has helped over a million teens and young adults get their Texas drivers license and we can help you!Our online state approved Texas drivers education courses include: Texas drivers ed parent taught course includes online classroom and behind the wheel training supervised with parent or guardian.Allows teens and parents to complete on their schedule. State approved Texas drivers education required for first time Adult drivers between 18 – 24. Includes DPS drivers knowledge test online and instant certificate access. In-Car Texas driver education training includes 44 hours of behind the wheel training.

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Drivers Ed focuses on Texas driving laws, traffic safety, road signs, driver safety and safe driving skills.

First time drivers under the age of 24 years are required by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to complete an approved drivers education course in order to receive a drivers license.

Driver’s Ed is mandatory in the state of Texas for first time drivers under the age of 24.

The requirements and eligibility are based upon the students age.

Students younger than 18 years of age must meet the following requirements: *** All first time drivers under the age of 24 must complete the free Texas Department of Public Safety Impact Texas Young Drivers course, within 90 days of completing their TX driver’s ed course, before the DPS driving (road) test will be administered.

In Texas, teens may begin drivers education as early as 14 years of age, however, they cannot receive their learners permit until they are at least fifteen years old.Most teens start drivers ed at 15 in order to complete the course requirements to get their provisional drivers license at age 16.Teens must complete 32 hours of classroom (online) drivers education instruction, which covers driving safety, traffic laws, defensive driving, road rules and other important instructional material for first time drivers.After completing the first six hours of the online course and receiving their Texas learners license, students can begin their first driving lesson with their parent or legal guardian as their driving instructor.Learning how to drive is the most rewarding part of the drivers training course.The parental driving instructor will teach their student driving techniques, how to drive safely and help their student gain valuable driving time behind the wheel with the help of structured in-car driving lessons designed to help your student learn how to drive in record time.

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