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s we use to communicate with our friends online) and their social subtleties. Curious as to whether her usage followed up-to-date social norms, she consulted her savvy friends for answers.Anecdotally, she found that laughter tended to vary by age and gender. We analyzed de-identified posts and comments posted on Facebook in the last week of May with at least one string of characters matching laughters too much.” We found that roughly 15% of the people who posted or commented during that week used at least one e-laugh. Larson – have no worries – it’s pretty common to laugh online!

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The plot also shows how many different laughs people used (labeled as ‘Unique’) – 52% of people used a single type of laugh, and roughly 20% used two different types.

Since most people used a single type of laugh, we classified people in our dataset into four categories based on their most commonly used laugh.

For brevity of the plots, we write these as were found.

A single emoji is used 50% of the time, and it’s quite rare to see people use more than 5 identical consecutive emoji.

Perhaps emoji offer a concise way to convey various forms of laughter?

You might have noticed that we cut the plot at 20 letters, but as with any behavior on the Internet, there is a long tail of laughter lengths.

Our automatic regular expression parser gave up after trying to get through a s a bit more than men.

So we see that there are patterns in laughter on Facebook, but they are quite different from the anecdotal evidence presented in the New Yorker article.

Then it hit us: maybe the difference is because Ms.

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