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Last night critics said cash-strapped health authorities should not be spending up to £34,000 per patient to help them change sex and have children when they are rationing basic services such as cataract operations, hip replacements and even hearing aids.

But one of Britain’s leading sex change doctors defended the practice, saying patients undergoing gender reassignment surgery had as much right to preserve their fertility as young people with cancer who freeze their eggs or sperm before having chemotherapy.‘Why are people with cancer particularly magic and get this [NHS fertility treatment], and other people don’t?

Transgender patients want to live like normal people.

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One transgender candidate for the treatment is 17-year-old Riley Middlemore, born Rebecca, who wants to freeze eggs before transitioning to a man, so in the future – using donor sperm – his girlfriend would be able to become a surrogate and give birth to their child.

But Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, said the procedure risked upsetting ‘the natural order’ and said children would be ‘confused by not knowing if the parent is a father or a mother’.

Riley Middlemore hopes to freeze his eggs before making the full transition from female to male.

The 17-year-old has revealed that he wants his girlfriend to act as a surrogate with his eggs so he can have his own biological children.

No female to male transgender patient has yet completed this process in Britain, but Dr Barrett said: ‘There may be some who are on the brink of doing so,’ indicating there were three people in this position.

He told his transgender patients who were freezing their eggs that they had a ‘small, but not zero chance of their own DNA being in some baby in the future’ because fertility treatment was often unsuccessful.

But he said egg freezing was about ‘preserving options’Last year High Court judge Mr Justice Hickinbottom ruled that ‘JK’, who had switched from male to female, must be listed as ‘father’ on the birth certificates of her two children, conceived before she started hormone therapy.

Some people will say that, by offering sperm and egg freezing to transgender people, we are mucking around with the natural order of things.

But IVF itself is mucking around with the natural order of things.

It is saying: ‘OK God, you stuffed the plumbing up, so we are going to sort it out.

We are going to let someone conceive when nature would not let them.’At a time when NHS authorities across the country are having to ration cataract operations, hip replacements and even hearing aids to make ends meet, should taxpayers really be asked to fund fertility treatment so men can give birth?

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