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I am struggling to understand how Free NAS integrated with NTP. The Free NAS wiki says it should work with the default settings.

My clock time will not automatically update with the default settings on and Also at work, our NAS did not update from our DC or the free BSD servers when the daylight savings changes a few weeks ago and messed up lots with our security and permissions. Some sites may be blocking the NTP port after the recent vulnerability.

DST is controlled by the local timezone settings and not NTP (NTP syncs to UTC).

This should not have impacted domain key timestamps as those are UNIX timestamps and do not reflect DST.

I would check that your domain controller did not somehow apply DST twice during the jump.

I'm running Raspbian Jessie with all recent updates.

When using Pi 2 or 3 time/date is not synchronizing at boot.

When I placed the same SD card in Pi Zero time was updated correctly. Edit Problem only occurs when using official Wi Fi dongle (no matter what Pi) or on Pi 3 when using Wi Fi connection. Output from ip route and cat /etc/is exactly the same no matter what dongle I use and I receive ping responses (except ping -c3 (ip route | awk '/default/ ') which does not work - syntax error near unexpected token `(', but if it should ping my AP adress I have response from it).

When I switched to other, Chinese dongle (which was plugged to Pi Zero in my first test) time was updated correctly. Still for official dongle with Broadcom chip there is no time sync (and the same is true for RPi 3 connected using build in Wi Fi), while for dongle with RTL8192CU chip time is updated just after reboot.

I don't know if it is related, but I also noticed that the system time did not update using the Pi 3 onboard Wi Fi.

It updates normally with a (Ralink based) dongle though.

I only got as far as identifying that UDP communication (used to update NTP) was not working as expected. 16 u - 1024 0 0.000 0.000 [email protected]:~ $ sudo ntpq -p remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter ============================================================================== ntp1.karneval.c 1.213 2 u 19 64 357 50.221 1.170 0.706 *stratum2-2. 1.71 2 u 55 64 377 49.913 -2.280 1.722 -s1de 1.36 3 u 49 64 377 46.850 -3.015 0.606 hu 1.108 2 u 25 64 377 68.430 2.838 0.820I left Pi 2 with official dongle (Broadcom chip) on for 5 hours and time is still incorrect. I have a freeze after sudo ntpd -qg when using official dongle.

IIRC, installing ntpdate 'fixed' it, despite being deprecated. Waited about 10 minutes to complete without any luck.

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