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As a part of a sweeping bipartisan spending deal to keep the government’s light on, Congress quietly set up a new budget commission.Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi chairs the Senate Budget Committee, but he’s been strangely excluded from the panel.

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The problems with self-bonding were highlighted when several of the nation’s largest coal companies went bankrupt in 20.

The huge bill leftover for clean-up costs nearly fell on taxpayer shoulders.

Wyoming has been looking to reform the practice since 2013, with a more concrete proposal released in 2017.

Coal has railroads, oil and gas have pipelines, but transferring renewable energy isn’t so easy.

Wyoming has one of the best wind resources in the country, though many see a ceiling to its success due to transmission capacity limits.

The Bobcat Trapper Riverton trapper Tom Krause shows me around his workshop where furs of every sort are displayed on the wall.“I have some pelts here that you might be interested in.To begin I have a melanistic phase of a raccoon, which is a black raccoon or the opposite of being albino.” Too many decisions about the West get made in Washington, D. At least, that’s what the Secretary of the Interior thinks.Ryan Zinke plans to move thousands of the department’s employees out west to manage water, public lands and energy from there.How might this seemingly dull, bureaucratic plan affect the West in interesting ways?Here's how people with a vested interest responded–starting in Wyoming.

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