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When it comes to fighting viruses and other forms of infections that can cause damage to your computer or files it helps to know some terminology to keep yourself aware of what to look for when protecting your computer.Here is a listing of common virus related words and terms that you can learn to help your understanding of how viruses work.

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Each time you start your computer with an infected disk, the virus can spread Bug - A programming error in a software program that can have unwanted side effects such as security issues.

Client computer - A computer that runs a client program.

Disabled - A status indicating that a program, job, or scan is not available.

Distribution - Measures how quickly a threat is able to spread.

Download - To transfer data from one computer to another. Encrypted Virus - A virus that uses encryption to hide itself from virus scanners.

Exploit - A program or technique that takes advantage of a vulnerability in software to attack its host.

Heuristics - designed to detect previously unknown viruses based on known virus attributes or characteristics.

Hoax – Hoaxes usually arrive in the form of an e-mail designed to tick people into thinking there is some sort of security risk.

Intrusion Detection - A service that monitors system events used to warn about unauthorized system access.

Macro virus - A virus hidden within an application that must be executed in order to execute the virus.

Master Boot Record - The first logical sector on a disk containing the partition table and master boot loader.

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