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Swipe the slider from left to right with your finger, wait a few seconds for your i Phone to power off, and immediately turn it back on by holding down the power button.Next, check if your i Phone has enough room to store the update.Sadly, the first i Pad is getting no i OS 6 love of any kind.


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That's many more than any Android device will ever see in its lifetime.

PA shouldn't post slightly misleading articles to sort of anger people.

At the same time, the i Phone 4 is still around in 8GB flavor, and the i Phone 3GS can be had for free with a 2-year contract, not to mention that the latter will also be offered in emerging markets worldwide.

No one complains when Motorola or Samsung gives the middle finger for updates.

Apple acknowledges the reality that hardware gets slower as it ages, and software gets more and more demanding for devices to run: so a phone that was state-of-the-art five years ago is unlikely to be able to run the latest software now.

Indeed, in the past we have sometimes found that borderline cases - devices that only just sneak into the list - are able to install the new OS but struggle to run it well, and run a bit slower than with the previous version of i OS.When Apple releases a new i OS update, millions of people are connecting their i Phones to Apple servers to download and install it.That is because the i Phone 3GS, which is weaker than the first-gen i Pad in terms of internals, and the i Phone 4, which is pretty much on par with the tablet, are getting the i OS 6 update, even though certain features will not be available.So yeah, everyone who still owns "the old i Pad" will be stuck with i OS 5.Let us know by dropping a comment below.source: The Verge so much for apple nnot supporting it's older hardware, even Samsung, which people say is horrible at updates even updated it's galaxy line from 2.1 to 2.2 to 2.3 : D and we can run 4.0 unofficially, can you?umm, it's 2 years old, the SGS has seen 3 updates, more than i Pad.

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