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I'm new to her, I've accidentally watched her drama The Full TImes Wife Escapist and instanly falling with her. Although it looks like she hasn't been in many tv shows lately though at least not in a starring role.Damn i didn't knew that such a cute girl exist, she stole my heart. My favorite character from her is definitely Shiraishi Megumi from Code Blue! She and Yamapi also have lovely chemistry despite their scenes mostly consisting of just calm conversations, there's no need for skinship (altho a little skinship wouldn't hurt i mean the last time was when he put a hand on her shoulder in S1? XD Hartsu hartsu Her new drama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (逃げるは恥だが役に立つ) is so interesting. Soratobu Kouhoushitsu to which im watching right now looks to be the most recent She very cute specially when she smiles and sings. I love her appearance and the character Mayuzumi Machiko.so yes, i'm late but I'll searching and watch all of her Dramas and Movies soon. ) I think she's super great at comedic acting, I want to see her in more romantic comedies. She is so cute and so well performance in the drama. It all started when I wacth gakky on ranma 1/2, then I already like her so I watched all of gakky's tv dramas and movies. Obviously she is one of the most beautiful Japanese actress but what I feel love is, certainly, Mayuzumi Machiko with her appearance, not Aragaki Yui herself. But more than her irresistible looks, I also became a fan for her acting work in "Koizora", "Smile", and "Zenkai Girl". She's definitely a good example of a model-turned-actress celebrity.

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The puppy look in his eyes for kyoko (gakky) looked as if he is really falling in love with her apart from drama. Can't believe Code Blue is getting a third season!! Recently, I watched her series called "memorandum", and that's the beginning of me, to watch some of your movies, even it's too old, yet worth. I love your performance so much :) And actually I love the soul of your Voice. I love your songs, but nowadays i love つないだ手 so much. I saw it again early this morning and i love the story and the acting. I also learned that you visited the our country this year around August to extend your help to people in Payatas. She looks great as Akane in the live action interpretation of Ranma 1/2. I especially liked her performance in Smile (2009) and Hanamizuki (2010).

but I have watched several of your dramas and I have to say that your acting is always the same no matter what role you played.. but I still enjoy your act, Yui-chan ^^ l love Gakky! Plus she's also so beautiful as well which adds extra points in my opinion.

Yui has to be one of my favourite actresses after Kyoko Fukada lol The first time i seen her was in Legal high and i have to say her acting was just amazing and she really portrayed her character well.

Thankfully, in Legal High her acting improved so much and she became awesome actress. l hope she will become even more popular, even better acting, and find true love!

Typical, so it was boring though her beauty kept me watching her dramas.

even I don't know well about the meaning of that song (It's because i'm not good in japanese :") but, that song give me inspiration. I also like the fact that she's so effortlessly gorgeous in photo shoots.

Thanks for writing the lyrics gakky-san :) I hope will be there someone who could tell me about the meaning about that song deeply.

Because I wanna know more and more :) It's so sweet in my opinion. Good luck for youuuu I've watched her in several things now and I must say she impresses me.

This drama wouldn’t work so well without the one-two sucker punch of a mini-version of the Yui-Ryo characters OTP. She just wants so much dough she can hand select her greasy European hottie, have her own private jet (this very important to Wakaba), and a penthouse apartment in Manhattan. Dart out of the door and start calling every major firm in Tokyo and lining up interviews. In case it’s not obvious, Hinata lurves Emitaro, Shota’s equally doofy son. Wakaba has work to do, so Shota gladly offers to watch Hinata at his place of employment along with other kids. She gives it her all, and there is no possibility or room for failure in her vocabulary.

Get ready to squeal like stuck pigs over Hinata, the five-going-on-twenty-five little girl Wakaba is hired to baby sit as prerequisite to getting her dream law firm job, and Emitaro, the son of Shota (played by Ryo), the dreamboat of little Hinata’s heart. Oops, too bad at the opening gala party for her new job, the firm goes under. She did graduate top of her class and passed her exam with the highest score. Wakaba says “I don’t acknowledge the existence of lemons! Shota is impressed, and I think this is where his heart thumps an extra beat for go-getter Wakaba. And we have achieved kissage at the end of episode 1. Zenkai Girl is just such an easy drama to watch, with bits and pieces of story and characters integrated to create an absorbing storyboard.

So grab your plushiest stuffed animal and get ready for a girl who’s going to get where she wants to go, no kids or hunk is going to stop her. ” This is our OTP, who meet cute in a subway when he spills his bag containing random breast feeding gear and she treats him like a pervert deviant criminal. Does that face even look like anything other than the world’s sweetest cutest single dad? Peanut-allergic Hinata kisses Emitaro and goes into shock. Wakaba, who never drinks, get wasted and runs into Shota and his boys. She’ll prove that a kiss can be just two lips pressed together. I like both the adult interactions and the kids stories.

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