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Mischa is a good schoolgirl that went bad and horny.

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The result – I developed a hang-up and did not like my nipples to be visible. Even as a sexually active young men I did not like to have my nipples getting touched.

But some men thought I could take a lot on my nipples just because the where bigger.

This was actually a turn-off and did nothing for me – it did just hurt. This changed when I met a special man in my early 30s.

He is a real nipple expert, got really big ones and taught me how to accept and like my nipples. From that time on I was playing with my nipples to feel pleasure and to get them bigger. The yellow Snake Bite Kit get cracks fast and can't be used anymore.

I suddenly had a connection between my nipples, my erotic mind and my penis. Most everybody knows clamps but they might be too painful to begin with. I used them many years but I am not recommending them anymore. Most bigger gay sex shops sell specialized nipple suction cups. I would recommend to get all three because it's most effective to switch them during a nipple pump session.

Now I have learned that many mature men discover the joy of nipple play at a later stage of age. My favorite nipple suction cups are called The Knobler. They have knobs on top of the head and you can rub your nipples with them which feels totally amazing. Some tips: Avoid water blisters – they are not dangerious but they burn when the break open.When you'll see water in the suction cup you already have developed one.Take breaks after 15 minutes and don't overdo.Use spit or silicone based lubricant to get a better seal.If you are very hairy you might want to trim your body hair around your nipples.You even can wear nipple suction cups in public under a thicker shirt or jacket while you commute (if you dare).

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