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Nicole Scherzinger has split from longtime boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, PEOPLE confirms.

She’s completely gutted.” The former member of the Pussycat Dolls and at the London Palladium this week. “We wish nothing but happiness and the very best for one another.

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Nicole Scherzinger and Nicole Scherzinger boyfriend Lewis Hamilton have been known to be together for quite a long time.

Recently, the couple has been spotted on a date playing bowling.

Lewis Hamilton who is one of the most successful drivers in Formula 1 racing posted a picture of him and Nicole Scherzinger hugging each other on their bowling night, which just proves that although the couple is famous and their financial positions let them to get anything they want, they still enjoy simple things in life.

The singer and Nicole Scherzinger boyfriend were joined by a couple of friends on their date night who seemed to be enjoying the bowling night as well.

Before that, the couple was noticed in the premiere of “Jack Reacher” showing a lot of love to each other.

Nicole Scherzinger has been known to move to live to England for a while because of judging “The X Factor” which also meant that she might get to see her boyfriend more often.

However, it did not happen because Lewis Hamilton right now lives in Monaco and is very busy with training for the new Formula 1 season.

During this time, Nicole Scherzinger was seen going out a lot not with her boyfriend, but with her colleague from “The X Factor”, Louis Walsh, with whom she has had a lot of dinner dates after filming the show.

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