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No one knows why it was just men who were affected by this toxic chemical, and quite frankly, no one really cares anymore. A chemical spill occurred on a worldwide scale, affecting all of humanity. At the time of this report, the year is 2035 and men are naught but a distant memory.For years scientists tried to put logic into this, however nothing added up.

This was due to the public's lack of general interest, having adjusted to the 'odd' changes brought about by the chemical, as no one had truly been harmed, and what did happen wasn't entirely bad. Well, put quite simply, the entire populace of males in humankind transformed.

This gave rise to the third gender, Futanari, a common name in Japanese culture for humans with both genitals.

While little has been revealed about how the chemical spread, many were preoccupied with its effects.

For approximately five years after the spill, most of the world was in a state of confusion and, in some countries, chaos.

It's understandable of course, since Futanari were extremely rare during those times, but it also brought a string of unexpected side effects.

As is commonly known today, Futanari have extraordinary libidos, to the point that sex is necessary for them.

Naturally, this conflicted many of the world's religions.

Suicide rates increased exponentially during those initial few years.

However, as people came to terms with their new bodies, everything calmed down.

As is to be expected, the new gender was fully capable of impregnating women and each other.

Not only this, but the sperm carried by Futanari is far stronger and in greater numbers than any recorded male's.

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