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But, as some saying goes, romance happens when you’re not actively seeking it.

After two months or so of minding my own business, I bumped into a peripheral acquaintance at a Bushwick bar.

When he re-introduced himself to me, I charmingly replied, “Of course I know who you are” — a partial lie, as I don’t think we’d actually exchanged names before.

He was scruffily cute and had an indistinct accent that pronounced tomato as A few days later, I received an Instagram DM from him asking if I’d like to hang out sometime. Our rapport was less flirtatious than it was friendly.

It all seemed very light and casual — the free Costco sample of dating, if you will. We hung out a handful of times soon after — a museum here, dinner and a movie there…all of it was fine. The first time we properly kissed was on our third date, and it happened on the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island.

I may not be a formulaic dater, but I do know that as soon as things start resembling cinema, they are no longer “casual.” (And making out on a Ferris wheel, it should be said, is just as thrilling as made it look.)From that point on, it was the dating show: We held hands, we cooked dinner at each other’s apartment, we slept over regularly on weekends and had leisurely breakfasts the following mornings — he even kept a toothbrush at my place.

At one point, a “showtime” performer on the subway presumptuously referred to me as his girlfriend and I glanced at him, mortified, only to see him gently suppressing a smile.

I kept reassuring myself that in the modern age of romance, we were just “hanging out” — it all felt very unfussy and easy.

And so when he kept asking to make plans, I just kept saying sure, which is basically how we became a thing.

I liked his face, his wry sense of humor and how he was politely considerate of everyone — not just me.

I was thrilled with the way he was direct and appreciative: If he wanted to see me, he’d ask, and he always made sure to let me know he had a great time. But we were both keeping each other at arm’s length emotionally — at least I was, anyway.

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