Most intimidating woman

If you look like you’re having the worst time ever, guys won’t have the confidence to approach you and try to get to know you.

Being confident is a great asset to have, but in reality, guys often have trouble discerning being self-confident from being arrogant.

Women who are too confident and secure in themselves can be intimidating to men.

Body language plays such an important role in our relationships and is a determining factor in whether or not we are approachable.

Let’s face it; no one wants to be rejected, so if you are standoffish, men won’t even dare approach you.

A guy may find you really attractive and want to get to know you a little better, but if you are always with your girlfriends, it’s likely that he’ll never have the courage to approach you and let you know how he feels.

Being beautiful can sometime believe it or not be a drawback when it comes to relationships.

Men like women don’t like to put their feelings out there and be rejected afterwards, if they consider you to be out of their league, it’s unlikely they will act on their feelings.

Controlling and domineering character traits aren’t attractive to anyone and no guy wants to be involved in a constant powerful struggle.

Overbearing traits make woman unapproachable and scary to men. We’re not saying that all men love to wear the pants in a relationship, but they like to be equal partners and have their opinion listened to and respected.

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