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doesn’t quite end with the bang one would hope for. And there’s even the bang of a gun going off at some point in the third act.Although, if by "bang" you’re thinking what everyone else is thinking, then there are definitely a few of those in this third and final adaptation of the best-selling E. But in terms of drama, or melodrama, or just bad drama, rarely delivers the goods while trying hard to give fans what they came for: more visits to the “playroom” for some lightweight sadomasochism, more eye-rolling plot mechanics involving Christian Grey’s troubled past, more reactionary views on love and marriage, more money shots of sports cars, private jets and vacation homes that only the 1 percent can afford and more attempts to turn what may be one of the duller couples to ever grace the screen into two captivating characters.For good measure, the filmmakers also toss in a butt plug.

Given that the flicks have so far grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide, the answer seems to be yes.

This installment should likewise draw a good crowd, although perhaps less than the other two films as viewers begin to grow tired of the same old bedroom routine.

scribe Niall Leonard, begins with the couple's glorious wedding, followed by a honeymoon that includes stops in Paris and the Cote d’Azur.

At one point during the trip, Christian gets a little rattled because Ana wants to go topless on the beach, but that dispute is quickly resolved when he whisks her back to his giant yacht and takes out a pair of handcuffs.

Back in Seattle, the two settle into their new roles of husband and wife, although Ana wants to keep her job in book publishing and refuses to be constrained the way Christian would like.

As in the other movies, it becomes a question of how much she will let herself be dominated — “You can’t keep me in a cage,” she tells him early on — in a relationship that, despite all the bells, whistles and bondage straps, is actually as traditional as they get.It turns out the big issue is that Ana may want to have a baby and Christian isn’t quite ready for it yet. The rest of the plot is driven by Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), Ana’s former boss who is now seeking revenge on the Grey couple.Why he does so is revealed extremely late in the movie when some documents are pulled out of a manila folder.Before that happens, we have to believe that Hyde — talk about a character name: Like Grey or Steele, its metaphorical weight smacks you in the face with all the subtlety of a giant dildo — a man who used to be a fiction book editor, has now become an expert in corporate sabotage, burglary, blackmail and kidnapping.It’s so poorly handled that it’s laughable, although the big problem with the for the first three seasons.But he seems to take little interest in this material beyond applying an extra level of gloss to each shot, with the production team going overboard on the BDSM and bling.

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