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The next day he suddenly becomes too busy to see me either day with cleaning, laundry, paper work. He feels he has endeared you to the point you'll be faithful at any cost, and apparently feels that being "his" is an honor for you which will outshine everything in your life. "stop the train" thing)It sounds like we don't have all of the information in this situation.

We don't live in each other's pocket and getting time together is hard for us with our work schedules. We are both very busy and yes people need to do laundry, cleaning, paperwork but we had plans to go out on those days. What does it mean to a guy to get to the point you are telling someone they are yours? I guess he underestimates how much you value your free time activities with him. If we did, then he is a "collector" being once he has caught you he puts you on the shelf and looks for the next trophy.

If that is the case then you have your own answer and you need to move on.

Also you need to figure out if there is anything you are doing to attract these collectors if this is a pattern not a one off situation. I hope something along the lines of how you don't "Belong" to anyone, but probably not.

I will look forward to the "Boyfriends possessive" thread, from you in the near future.

Saying you are not taking his words out of context, ie "you're my girlfriend/sweetheart/pet name here" as opposed to "Your mine for life, get used to it", if its the former I would say it means he cares for you deeply and sees a future with you.

If it is the latter then I'd say he thinks you really do belong to him.

Are you asking if your boyfriend doesn't give a hoot about you, can he be possessive? I haven't determined that he is possessive by this, only that he said something that appeared to be a possessive statement. Are you trying to figure out why he would say "you're mine"?

If so it's a simple as he likes you and doesn't want to share you.

If you've been dating for a month then exclusivity usually follows, but what do I know...

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