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To help with winter pressures Seaside Medical Centre will be offering clinics on Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm-8.00pm starting on February 6th 2018.You can book an appointment with an Advanced Care Practitioner on the day should you require a routine appointment.

The Background to Our Project Many studies have indicated that there is a gender divide in general health and the age of death, with woman having far better health outcomes and on average living longer.

There are thought to be many reasons for this, masculine pride, work commitments, women attend for more routine appointments (pill check, smears, with children) and so are more conditioned to attend.

However, no single reason can be given for this non-attendance for male patients.

With this in mind, the Queens Nursing Institute commissioned and funded 10 projects, ours being one of them, to try and identify how this problem in Male health can be tacked.

We focused on male patients over the age of 50 who hadn't been to their surgery for at least 3 years and invited them in to a health screening clinic with Jane.

We also felt that there was an opportunistic arm to our criteria for male patients who presented at the surgery who it was felt would also benefit from a health screen.Health screening took place throughout the year in 30 minute clinics.In those clinics we identified 44 new health issues in 40 men and all of the patients are now involved in healthcare activities which will promote health and wellbeing and/or reduce disease progression.Interestingly 2 men who at first did not respond to our invite to attend the clinic have since been seen in the surgery and required fast track cancer referrals. The project has come to a conclusion however, based on its success we are keen to continue this service in 2018; how can we afford not to?We have been shortlisted by the Burdett Trust for the Nursing Fund for Innovation and Leadership Award and have already been awarded £2,500 to spend on patient education and staff professional development.Winning the overall award would enable us to expand on our original project and take our initiative forward to encourage men to attend for vital health screening not only in our practice but others too.

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