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Matthew Wyatt Elrod (born October 2, 1988), better known as Wyatt Nash, is an American television personality and actor.Under his birth name, he was a contestant on the 22nd season of the American competitive reality television series Survivor.

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As Matt Elrod, he was on Survivor: Redemption Island as one of the season's 16 new contestants.

He began the game on the Ometepe tribe alongside seven other new contestants and Survivor veteran "Boston Rob" Mariano.

Elrod was initially part of Mariano's majority alliance.

However, Mariano noticed Elrod bonding with fellow alliance member Andrea Boehlke; after Elrod shook hands with members of the rival Zapatera tribe following a challenge, Mariano plotted to eliminate Elrod.

On Day Six, Elrod was voted off by his alliance, sending him to Redemption Island where he had to compete in challenges in order to return to the game.

After defeating six consecutive opponents, Elrod returned to the game on Day 19, joining the newly merged Murlonio tribe with six former Ometepe members and five former Zapatera members.

The minority Zapatera alliance courted Elrod and Boehlke to join them to eliminate Mariano; after Elrod told Mariano about the Zapateras' offer, Mariano and his alliance—Boehlke included—voted against Elrod, and he was sent back to Redemption Island.

Elrod continued to win duels, but lost the final duel on Day 36, which Boehlke won.

Elrod finished in seventh place, and was the sixth member of the jury to determine the winner.

Despite being blindsided twice, Elrod voted for Mariano as the winner He appeared in short film wages and had guest appearances in the television shows 1600 Penn and Mistresses.

Next, Nash was cast as Nigel Wright, the helicopter pilot and Jenna Marshall's friend, in Pretty Little Liars.

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