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I was born in Pennsylvania, Txt(81for8one3tensix5). Dad died when I was 27, my Mom remarried to another man and i don't like I would describe myself as a romantic person.

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They wondered, 'Is it going to work, are you sure you want to have a serious relationship with someone outside of your race?

He developed a preference for white women, he said.

From junior high to college, he was often told by girls he wanted to date that they weren't allowed because he was black."I had to sneak my girlfriend out of her house for the prom," Henry said.

He sent a white male friend to the door to pick her up.

There are places in Virginia that are still very Southern," he said.

"But it's progress, and that's definitely something I can see.

Not because of kids (you don't have any*) - but because you're just that busy!

In fact, in order to make the time to socialize, you would prefer to enjoy a quality gathering now and again with like-minded couples.

They may actually have more in common with you than you realize!

There are many of us who do not have children - either by choice or by circumstance.

If this sounds like your cup of tea and if you'd enjoy a down-to-earth, warm, authentic, culturally-diverse, group of professional couples - join us!

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