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There is no hiding that this star is pregnant for the third time but she has been keeping the identity of the father-to-be close to her chest.Kailyn Lowry may have just let the name slip of the father of her unborn baby.Fans and Us Weekly both noticed that the star - who is expecting her third child - referred to herself and a man when host Nessa asked if Kailyn's oldest Isaac, 7, can babysit.

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However, Kailyn took to Twitter to deny Larry was her baby's father, saying he was an MTV producer. We were talking about how good Isaac is.'In a previous special, the Teen Mom star - who is almost five months pregnant -refused to say who the father is. [I'm] not ready yet.'The mother-of-two - who got her start on TV with 16 And Pregnant - already has sons Isaac (from Lowry's relationship with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera), and Lincoln, three (from her marriage to ex-husband Javi Marroquin).

The Pride Over Pity author did say that she shared the exciting news with her high school sweetheart, Rivera.'Jo and I were able to address our concerns and talk about things moving forward,' Kailyn divulged.

She added: 'Ultimately, he was happy for me and he said, 'Babies are blessings.' So I couldn't ask for a better support system from him.'Kailyn revealed her pregnancy on her blog as she wrote: 'I am pregnant.

I'm sad that I should have known that people in my life would sell me out before I was ready,' she wrote.

'Like any normal person, I want it to be a happy time.' 'Please know this was a choice I made, I already know some won't agree but I've been showered with support by the ones I love since I found out.' She has not however, spoken with her ex husband - who she shares equal custody of Lincoln with - about her pregnancy.

'As far as Javi goes, we didn't have a conversation because we clearly don't know how to have a healthy conversation,' she said.The pair tried to save their marriage during their time on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars but to no avail.I’m trudging along a busy road in Salford, past small industrial sites, scraps of buddleia-choked wasteland and the entrances to crouching, cul-de-sac council estates. Lowry to anyone in Britain and a certain urban landscape will be evoked: factory walls, belching chimneys, looming mills, the streets below teeming with figures, invariably described as 'matchstick’, moving with a kind of tidal drift towards, or away from, mill gateways, mines, football matches, political meetings.Manchester’s redeveloped Chapel Wharf area with its trendy bars and restaurants is just a few hundred yards away. It’s a vision of Britain that older people know beneath the skin from the time when the country’s grimy, productive industrial North was simply a fact of life, even if they never went to look at it.But here you’re adrift in a post-industrial hinterland that isn’t quite city or suburb. And it’s a vision every child knows because Lowry’s art is now taught in schools as a means to understanding a Britain that now barely exists.Here in Salford you’re walking over the long-flattened rubble of that world, from which all trace of the red-brick terraces, the mills, the soot-blackened gothic churches seems to have been erased.

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