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Sunflower Farm is one of a handful of No Cull commercial dairy goat farms in the state.

It is common practice to “cull” or kill goats who do not serve a dairy operation to their fullest capacity.

On average, a fourth of a dairy herd is culled for various reasons each year.

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We know first hand how hard it is for dairy operations to remain solvent.

Culling practices can help farms increase their profit margin, save time and work towards genetics in a dairy herd that emphasize high milk production.

We have consciously chosen another path for our animals.

We are working hard to prove that a farm can be both profitable and humane.

We have kept second jobs as teachers so that we can explore ways to generate income on a small farm without the pressure of having to operate in a way that would take all the joy out of what we do.

At Sunflower Farm, every goat born on the farm is named and valued and we cherish our animals long after their commercial productivity while providing them the very best feed, medical attention and love. Although the goats enjoy lots of time grazing in the field and enjoying the attention of visitors, they work hard too.

The does at our farm take excellent care of their kids.

Anyone who has been a parent knows how much work this is!

They also hop onto the milk stand eagerly and give us milk so we can provide delicious cheese and other dairy products for our local neighborhood.

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