Magnet speedating

If we’re not vocalising out every thought to whoever happens to be in front of us, we’re tweeting, texting or Whats App-ing it to someone. In any working day rarely a moment goes by when I don’t have something to say for myself (I’m sure you pity my work colleagues immensely now).

In a way I’m looking forward to it – I’m aware that this is potentially the only opportunity I’ll ever have to be even slightly enigmatic and mysterious in a dating scenario, which will make a nice change of pace.

The evening was set up by Adam Taffler, after he read an article about how little people made eye contact these days.

“I read how eye contact is decreasing and how people are losing the skills that help them to form bonds,” he explains to me.

“I wanted to put on a night that would be playful, fun and encourage eye contact.

Plus the deepest connections I have had with my partners have been in our moments without words. I set Shhh up about a year ago and it has been buzzing ever since.” But does it work? One year in, Adam has his first Shhh Dating engagement, which isn’t bad going, all things considered, and although he does tell everyone in the room to manage their expectations if they’re hoping to find true love at the end of the night (cue: several hilariously deflated faces) he later admits to me that he’s seen some pretty strange things: “I have seen people communicate and fall in love through animal noises, people spontaneously tangoing.

One couple got out of their seats and left together after 30 seconds of staring into each others' eyes.” Crikey – what have I let myself in for?

The evening starts with an hour of warm up games – encouraging flirtation and interaction with the opposite sex – but no talking.

I’ve dragged my flatmate along with me under the proviso that there would be no ‘enforced’ fun.

So the minute Adam mentions warm-up activities, she looked at me murderously.

Fortunately we aren’t allowed to talk, so I get off lightly, all things considered.

Adam starts off by getting us to walk around the room catching the eye of different people. It was ridiculous in the extreme, but when everyone else is willing to throw themselves into it and look stupid, you quickly realise that the only person who’s going to look actually ridiculous is the miserable cow in the corner, refusing to join in.

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