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This is currently tested and supported on Tiger and newer versions of OS X.

Mac Ports is a package management system that allows you to install various free and open source programs on your Mac.

This blog post will take you through step by step instructions of installing Mac Posrts and show you the most important commands to get you started.

Before you can install and use Mac Ports you must have Xcode installed on your Mac.

To install Xcode open App Store, search for Xcode and install it – it’s a free download. When they are installed we have all the prerequisites to start Mac Ports installation. Go through all the installation steps (you will have to put your password again).

The installation will take some time because Xcode is more then 2GB download. When the installation finishes you should reopen the Terminal get environment variables updated.

When the download and installation is finished, start Xcode, agree to the license agreement, enter your password and it will start installing components. When all the components are installed the Xcode will start automatically. The next step is to install Xcode Command Line Tools. Now we have everything we need to start using Mac Ports.

To confirm the installation succeed run below command in the Terminal: It should give you the currently installed version of Mac Ports.

If you get an error message it means you did not run it in new Terminal or the installation did not succeeded.

It’s time to go over some most important command will give you the listing of all available ports you can install on your Mac.

The first column is the port name – this is the name you will be using to install or uninstall ports on your system.

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