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Last year in February, I pulled a personal best 535 deadlift at about 190 lbs.In the months immediately following, I tried out the Smolov squat program for the first time.

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I have struggled to write this piece and publish it for quite a while, in large part because I have nothing against any of the wonderful lifters I met at Westside and have nothing but respect for Louie and the crew.

During those two months, I did nothing but train Westside, sleep, eat, and play video games.

I didn’t bother seeking a job in Columbus because I knew that the arrangement was temporary and that I had enough money to cover my time there.

I immersed myself in the Westside Conjugate Method as fully as I could.

I read through every book I could, watched every DVD, passed the Special Strengths Certification test.

I did my best to learn and master the Conjugate system.When I returned home to Detroit in August, I hadn’t tested my maxes in two months, the entirety of the time I spent at Westside.However, I was highly optimistic that my numbers had improved.After all, I had been seeing progress on my lifts, particularly on lifts using bands and chains.I had learned so much and was on fire with all the new knowledge I now possessed. I figured I had no need to peak, since I didn’t really want to see what a competition max looked like, only a training max.I just wanted to see the progress I had made on Westside.

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