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Everyone has a past, but it seems like Leonardo Di Caprio has been dating the same type of girl for years — blondes with long legs!

We know what you’re thinking: Well, isn’t that every man’s type?

True, but no one's more consistent in their relationship pattern than our boy Leo.

The role of ’s leading lady comes with strict criteria.

Many gorgeous gals have tried to fill that spot over the years, from Gisele Bündchen (who yes, used to be blonde) to Blake Lively.

Watch the video below to see all of Leo’s past loves — and no, there aren't any duplicates... , Leo said, "The truth is, it's gonna happen when it's gonna happen. when it's right, it's gonna be right." It seems our favorite bachelor knows what he wants.

Lucky for him, there are dozens of new blonde bombshells earning their wings every year.

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It goes without saying that Leonardo Di Caprio is a hit with the ladies — especially ladies who are probably tall, are probably blond, and have probably walked a runway.

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