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A manhunt is on in Sri Lanka for a hard-line Buddhist leader after a series of attacks on mosques and Muslim-owned businesses that authorities accuse him of encouraging.President Maithripala Siresena had vowed to investigate anti-Muslim hate crimes after assuming power in 2015, however, attacks have escalated over the past two weeks.

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Less than 10 percent of Sri Lanka's population of 20 million are Muslim.

The majority are Sinhalese Buddhist, while most Tamils are Hindu.

Political analyst Amjad Mohamed Saleem told Al Jazeera it was worrisome that violent Buddhist nationalism had re-emerged.

"If the government doesn't address this issue, it will spill over.

We all know the ramifications of these types of tensions that are unchecked.

The government has to respond with rule of law and justice if it wants to assure communities it's not behind it [violence]," said Saleem.

A number of Sri Lankan Muslim ministers urged Siresena to take action this week in critical comments, and a meeting was arranged on Thursday to discuss a move to arrest Gnanasara, who is currently in hiding.

A Sri Lankan court has now issued a warrant for his arrest.

"The BBS secretary-general has re-started this anti-Muslim campaign as he himself was having problems with the police …

for going against the authorities in a number of incidents," Hilmy Ahamed, vice president of the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, told Al Jazeera. wants to re-start his campaign to fuel tensions in the country.

What he is trying to do now is to give the impression to the majority Buddhists that he will be imprisoned indefinitely due to Muslim complaints against him and his group.

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