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Seraphina, 16 months, sits with her mother Kendra Bernardi in 2009. Look at 15-month-old Seraphina Bernardi as she claps her hands twice when her mother sings "If you're happy and you know it."Watch her smile and giggle when she hears a camera click.

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She faces a maximum of 30 years in prison under a binding plea agreement. At the time of the abuse, Seraphina was living with her father and his girlfriend, Hocter, and Hocter's 1-month-old daughter."I want people to know the whole story," said Seraphina's mother, Kendra Bernardi. I'm not going to let it happen again."Bernardi said it is important that people know the damage child abuse can cause."I'm still in disbelief," said the 21-year-old mother, who also has another daughter, 3 1/2-month-old Emilie Wilson.

"I'm learning how to raise a blind child."All she ever wanted was to be a mom, Bernardi said.

She said she grew up with a mother who was addicted to drugs and an abusive father. But when Kendra Bernardi found out on New Year's Eve 2007 that she was pregnant, she had mixed emotions.

Three months into her pregnancy she left her boyfriend -- Seraphina's father.

At one point she considered abortion, but after getting connected with Lifeway Pregnancy Services, she came to understand the joy she carried in her womb.

She bought 10 outfits in case the baby was a girl and 10 sets of clothes for a boy. 24, 2008, she delivered healthy, happy Seraphina."It was amazing," Bernardi said."Really, really amazing."Because she grew up without a strong father figure, Bernardi said she wanted Seraphina's dad to at least meet his daughter after she was born, and he did take an interest in her life.Bernardi and Seraphina's father tried to share custody of their baby, but with neither a parenting plan in place nor a healthy relationship between the parents, a custody battle ensued.Seraphina's father filed a parenting plan, which is an outline of custody, with Cascade County District Court.It allowed Bernardi to visit Seraphina for two hours one day a month.His plan also called for Bernardi to have drug testing and parental counseling.

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