Justification for updating clearquest feature level

By default, history has always been recorded for all record-types.Not all record-types have form controls to display this history.

justification for updating clearquest feature level-82

Justification for updating clearquest feature level

Selectively scrubbing and or disabling history may be prudent under certain schema designs or usage patterns.

Note: Check with your business unit if disabling history meets local regulatory compliance practices. Take appropriate backups of the database set and any related integrations prior to performing irreversible changes. It does not matter if history is disabled for the record-type (a capability introduced with Feature Level 9).

Using Multi Site When the database is replicated with IBM Rational Clear Quest Multi Site, the history deletion can be performed at any site and will be replicated to all other sites.

The history is deleted without regard for mastership of the associated records.

Scrubbing Actions By Name History entries record the action by name, which has the following implications: command can be used in a database at any feature level.

However, if the database is at feature level 8 or below, the command will not remove the latest history entry for a record.

These history records have no entry for the field, which is updated when the next history record is saved.

Without Feature Level 9, the latest history record must remain in the database so there are no errors when updating a record.

If you wish to scrub all history records for the given matching criteria, first upgrade to Feature Level 9 to remove this limitation.

Package Owned Record-Types Removal of history from package owned record-types is not supported.

If you require removal of history from package owned record-types, please contact IBM Rational Support for guidance.

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