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For a few minutes on a Monday afternoon in early autumn, on the roof deck of a Manhattan photo studio, the impromptu banter of a celebrity interview suddenly sounds as though it’s been scripted by Preston Sturges.

“I vacuumed too.”“That’s true,” he says, adding, “I was a younger leading man, and she was an ingenue.”And now? “And I’m a character actress.”They both laugh, but Clooney, true to his reputation as a gentleman, is too gallant to let the brunt of old age fall on the lady alone.

He passes a hand over himself—all 46 years of him, trimmed with a thatchy beard (for his role in the Coen brothers’ film Burn After Reading) and topped with graying hair that makes him look not a day over 50—and insists that he is the one falling to pieces, veritably before our eyes. Welcome to the George and Renée show, one of the livelier comic duets since Burns and Allen.

The old friends (who eventually acknowledge having known each other for about a decade) and recent costars have briefly alighted together on this Manhattan rooftop to discuss Leatherheads, Clooney’s first directing effort since the 2005 film Good Night, and Good Luck, for which he received Oscar nominations for direction and screenwriting.

(That same year he also won a best supporting actor award for Syriana: “All right, so I’m not winning director,” he predicted, correctly, in his acceptance speech.) Egging each other on, the pair’s frisky conversation shifts gears from the earnestly thoughtful, with Clooney proving himself to be the sort of Democratic alpha male Al Gore wanted to be in 2000, to the shamelessly goofy.

Zellweger, in particular, is as energetic as a Spinning instructor and loopier than Minnie Pearl. Zellweger is built of bunched muscles, like a sprinter, with limbs toned by daily runs and a summer of learning to surf on Long Island, where she has a house.

Her new haircut is almost short enough to be butch.(“I was going to make a joke about it going with my biceps,” she blurts in her loose-cannon way.“But I won’t.”) Clooney, on the other hand, is almost slight without the masculine armor of Danny Ocean’s hand-tailored suits.The polo shirt he wears reveals a trim but hardly muscular physique.He does move, though, with the loose-limbed ease of a younger man, thanks to his regular pickup games on the basketball court.Seeing a hoop in the photo studio, he gathers a few opponents for a game of Horse and lightly steps into a credible jump shot (he misses) and smooth layup (again).

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