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Ethiopia was the only African country not to be colonized by a European country, so they have carved out their own interesting path in history - they also boast being the only country to have defeated a European invasion - Ethiopia won against the Italians to maintain their independence.

After a trip to this awesome country you are likely to leave feeling quite over-stimulated not just by the coffee, but by all that you have seen and learnt.

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You will be picked up from the airport and transferred to the hotel to freshen up.

In the afternoon we embark on a city tour, which includes: a visit to the Trinity Cathedral, commemorating the patriots who fought the Italian aggression in the 1930s, and the National Museum, rated one of the best sub-Saharan museums - this gives you a good introduction to Ethiopian history and culture, and is a good starting point for the trip.

There is also a replica of the 3.5 million year old skull of "Lucy", whose discovery made Ethiopia the Cradle of Mankind.

Behind Addis are the Entoto hills from where we get a panoramic view of the city...

Meals - D Today we visit the Fistula Hospital, established in 1974 by the Hamlins, a pair of gynaecologists from New Zealand and Australia.

The hospital cares for women with childbirth related injuries - the women are usually destitute, rejected by their husbands, and have often walked for days or weeks to get to the hospital.It is an interesting insight into a side of life not many know about, and will help you understand rural customs and life, and is, of course, a very touching experience.We also bring pre-arranged donations to the hospital.In the afternoon we take a flight to Dire Dawa - and then transfer to the old walled, medieval Muslim town of Harar, with its 99 mosques.Harar is situated on the east wall of the Great Rift Valley near the Somali border, and is the place where Islamic ideas entered into Africa from the nearby Arabian Peninsula.On the agenda this evening is a visit to "Hyena man" - he feeds wild hyenas every night on the edge of town - you can have a go too.

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