Is iu and eunhyuk dating bret michaels and mindy dating

A talented woman like IU must have stolen much of the attention of other idols, especially among men.

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Or what is the relationship between IU and the other artists? , in which both of them are in a relationship and referred to as the milky couple.

As the drama ended, many fans wished to see the two together again.

Their wishes may lead to reality, with both hinting about their recent “dates.” IU even opened up about their relationship with Wooyoung and said she had an awkward relationship and when they were not filming for broadcast she and Wooyoung went out for a meal together.

IU said, “In the music scene, there was a rumor that I followed Wooyoung around because I liked him,” adding, “I heard that the members of 2PM thought I was a strange person because of the rumor.” She continued, “We had an uncomfortable relationship due to that, and therefore I became worried when I was cast as his love interest for ”Since being with Wooyoung is sort of awkward, during the moments of eating, I never looked up and just ate and ate.

Wooyoung oppa then said that I had to promised to buy him some lunch sometime in the future.

Lee Hyunwoo and IU are longtime friends, and over the years there has been some speculation over the nature of their relationship.K-Netz said they are a couple for real after seeing an photo of Lee Hyunwoo and IU at a movie theater together.After seeing the article and photos, their agencies said that Lee Hyunwoo and IU are just friends and there is not a special relationship between them. Also, their manager had been with them at the theater as well.IU said, “.”Lee Hyunwoo said, “On the way back from the movies, my company kept calling me and told me articles were uploaded [of me and IU].So I called Ji-eun (IU) and told her ‘Is it really something to be concerned over?’ The company was impassive and so was she,” recalling the events of that day.

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