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"The Bible's Buried Secrets" a PBS documentary first aired on November 18, 2008, seems designed to undermine the Bible.

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Giovanni Pettinato, former epigraphist of the Italian Mission, who worked closely with Dr. "One can only conclude that writing had been in use at Ebla for a long time before 2500 B.

C.""The names of cities thought to have been founded much later, such as Beirut and Byblos, leap from the tablets.

Damascus and Gaza are mentioned, as well as two of the Biblical cities of the plain, Sodom and Gomorrah. Most intriguing of all are the personal names found on the Ebla tablets.

They include Ab-ra-mu (Abraham), E-sa-um (Esau)...."Centuries later, Moses was trained "in all the wisdom of the Egyptians" (Acts ).

Raised at Pharaoh's court, he would have learned to write on fragile papyrus as well as clay tablets.

The 1988 discovery of the TEL el Amarna letters shows us that written messages were an important part of Moses' culture:"...there were about 400 cuneiform tablets discovered at this site which were part of the royal archives of Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) who reigned about 1400 BC.

Among them were letters written in Babylonian cuneiform script to these Pharaohs of Egypt by various kings dwelling in the land of Canaan and Syria... They provide the first evidence of the Hebrew tribes entering into the land of Canaan in ancient times."That last sentence points to the completion of the Biblical Exodus -- the Israelite journey, led by Moses, out of bondage in Egypt toward the land God had promised them.

Perhaps the "scholars" behind the PBS "documentary" simply chose to ignore the evidence.

After all, politically correct deceptions are far more acceptable than facts to a world that no longer tolerates Truth.

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