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“Katy and Orlando are the real deal and are totally in love.shared photos of Perry and Bloom kissing on the boat, and they looked very happy together, which means that they were not affected by the cheating rumors.And Perry also provided one of the night’s tabloid-y morsels, as she .

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Anyway, Perry is no doubt fielding a slew of “Legolas, huh?!??!

“They were kissing and holding hands and dancing together the entire time,” their source said.“If anything dramatic happened earlier this month, you definitely couldn’t tell.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been spotted together almost all of the time which started out rumors that the two are dating.

However, they have never made any official announcement yet regarding their relationship.

But nothing happened with them.” Get Katy’s album .

Not to mention they weren’t hiding their affection when they were spotted dancing around to Justin Timberlake‘s “Rock Your Body” together.

Orlando doesn’t have any films in production at the moment so who knows if the two are collaborating on a side project or just trying to get gave her a kiss on the cheek before she headed back to her friends.“He was clearly trying not to be recognized at the club when this was happening, as he was trying to keep a low profile under a dark baseball cap,” their source said.

Just recently, the 31-year-old singer shared an adorable photo with the 39-year-old British heartthrob on her Instagram account.

Islam has not left any aspect of life without its required guidelines.

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