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--------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- THIS TUTORIAL IS NOW ONLINE AT --------------------------------------- Hello, this is a tutorial about how to set up open HAB2 from scratch, starting up, adding some bindings, discovering and configuring things for the first time and finally creating a sitemap and some basic rules. Currently, the releases are build by Jenkins in the Cloud Bees network ( HAB-Distribution/).There you can always download the latest successfully built snapshot via this URL: HAB-Distribution/last Successful Build/artifact/distributions/openhab/target/openhab-2.0.0gz Do that now: This will extract the archive to the previously created directory (i.e.

This also makes updates much easier and gives you the possibility to revert to an older snapshot in the blink of an eye if something’s wrong with the latest release by simply switching back the link to the old release.

Creating the link for the first time: openhab_2017-01-09 drwxrwxr-x 6 openhab openhab 4096 Jan 09 openhab_2017-01-09 drwxrwxr-x 6 openhab openhab 4096 Jan 11 openhab_2017-01-11 unlink current ln -s openhab_`date %F` current ls -la lrwxrwxrwx 1 openhab openhab 18 Jan 11 current - This way you don’t lose your old release files.

Step 2 - Installing the Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) Cent OS comes with it’s own JDK, the Open JDK.

In order to meet the open HAB 2 requirements, we’re going to install the latest Oracle JDK.

You can find the binary distribution (RPM) here: is the current link as of 16th of January 2017. ) After you click the “Accept license agreement” radio button, you’re able to download the latest RPM version.

You could of course install it via rpm, but this way the yum database of installed packages keeps up to date.

The package will be installed to the /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_112 directory, and the installer will create a symlink /usr/java/latest pointing to the latest Oracle JDK.

To actually use the Oracle JDK automatically, you have to add some environment variables in you /etc/bashrc file to be loaded when you log into your system.

So use your editor of choice to edit the /etc/bashrc file and add these lines to the end of the file: I suggest logging out and in again in order to load the environment variables before continuing.

Step 3 - starting up open HAB2 Now that everything’s ready we can start up open HAB2 for the first time: (Normally the script already has execute permisisons.

If that isn’t the case: “chmod ug x”) ./Launching the open HAB runtime...

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