Intimidating names for guys

Sports World Wrestling Lovers and fans around the Globe have always wondered who is the greatest wrestler or who has more bragging rights or who seem above who in wrestling.

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Nevertheless, we can evaluate and coin out some mathematical Analysis to bring the wrestlers on one plain ground, then evaluate.

We are using the companies and brands in America as the standard.

Other wrestling companies/organizations especially in mexico and Japan would as well be acknowledged.

Remember that we are talking about World Wrestling here and for a good evaluation, we would need to analyze those in World Wrestling organizations/companies or brands. Personal Accolades: 17 (Pro Wrestling Illustrated: 7; WWE Hall of Fame:1.

There are so many factors which can make a wrestler be considered as great, hence using one particular factor would be considered totally unfair.

Take for instance, for the fact the Great Khali is far stronger than Rey Mysterio does not mean he (Khali) is greater than Rey in Wrestling History.

Yes, He may have the strength, but also may not have accomplished as much as Rey did.

Therefore, we can say that, even though Khali is far stronger than Rey, other factors could make Rey Mysterio a greater Wrestler in World Wrestling History.

Let's take another example: Big Show and Shawn Michaels.

Big Show is of course stronger than Shawn Michaels, but there is a 75% probability that Shawn Michaels will or can beat the Big Show in any Match if they meet. Shawn Michaels have more Muscular endurance (Stamina) than the Big Show.

Therefore, the ability to endure pain from opponents for a long period of time shows character, will and the spirit of a Champion.

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